marți, 5 martie 2013

5 martie 2013

"Guatama Buddha told his followers to not just do whatever he told them to, but to listen to his teachings and then meditate on them, and come to the truth about the best way to act themselves. So there aren't really Buddhist "laws", although many cultures which are predominantly Buddhist have laws based on Buddhist concepts. The Buddha did offer some precepts that guide how we should behave in order to more skillfully find our way to enlightenment. The most basic of these are:
Don't kill.
Don't steal.
Don't engage in illicit sex.
Don't speak divisively.
Don't speak abusively.
Don't engage in idle chatter.
Don't tell lies.
Abandon greed.
Abandon ill will.
Cultivate right views."

"In Buddhism, the views on vegetarianism vary from school to school. According to Theravada, the Buddha allowed his monks to eat pork, chicken and beef if the animal was not killed for the purpose of providing food for monks. Theravada also believes that the Buddha allowed the monks to choose a vegetarian diet, but only prohibited against eating human, elephant, horse, dog, snake, lion, tiger, bear, leopard, and hyena flesh.The Buddha did not prohibit any kind of meat-eating for his lay followers. In Vajrayana, the act of eating meat is not always prohibited. The Mahayana schools generally recommend a vegetarian diet, for they believe that the Buddha insisted that his followers should not eat meat or fish."

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